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Total Group Supports Rainwater Harvesting

A meager porting of water in our planet is available with us for our utility. As per the reports from the United Nations one person in every three in the world are facing water crisis. The principal of collecting and storing and using precipitation of rainwater from a catchment surface before it reaches the aquifer is called rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting systems are simple to install and operate. Rainwater is most importantly FREE. The only cost is for collection and use. Ti lessens demand on the municipal water supply. It saves money on utility bills. It makes efficient use of a valuable resource. It can be used to recharge ground water. In Total Group such innovative techniques to go green are always encouraged. Total real estate has already started to look for ways to implement rain wanter harvesting in its real estate projects. Quality Can Industries is also looking for different ways to instigate rainwater harvesting to meet its increasing water demands in the manufacturing sector. We in Total Group believe in caring about out planet.